The Cheap Home Moving Quote That Could Cost More

Moving home can cost money and many people think by getting the cheapest possible quote will save them a lot of money. Well, what if I told you that it is not so, and that it could cost you far more than the highest quote you were provided with. What if in the process of moving they damage an expensive item such as a piano or sofa. The cost of the damage could far out weigh any savings you think you have made by hiring out the lost movers as an alternative. Everything adds up at the end and with this in mind it is important to get some insights into how to select the moving company that is right for you. Please read this full article about

How To Select A Good Home Removal Company

The contents of your home are precious. They have cost you money and effort to buy and maintain. You use them everyday and without them life wouldn’t be as organised. This is the reason why we take them with us when we relocating home, and the reason why we package and protect them during the moving process. So why not take as much care when selecting the company that should take on the task of moving them to your new home? 

Here are there pointers that should be seriously looked into when deciding who to go for:

  1. Customer Goggle Reviews
  2. Sufficient goods In Transit Insurance Cover
  3. Van Size

What the previous customers of a particular firm have to say about how their experience with their service was is a very good of gauging how your dealings with them might turn out. This is priceless insight which should be taken into account when deciding who to go for. Secondly are they insured to cover damage to your property? This needs to be asked so that you get reasonable cover. Finally, do they have vehicles of sufficient size to take your goods away all in one trip? This is very important when moving long distances.

Packing a company to move

Hiring out a company purely based on the fact that they managed to quote you the cheapest on your home relocation service, could men you being landed with a bill much greater than initially anticipated. Remember that you get what you pay for and packing a company to move your house should be based purely on the quality of the service they provided. What previous users of their service have to say about the quality of the work that the particular company did will help you decide whether it is right for you or not. Damage to property is always possibility when moving home and so one should try and home moving company with the best possible reputation.

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A land Far Away – Using Van and Man Hire Services

Removal over long distances requires good and well experienced movers with a good understanding of packing and loading. Items being arranged for long distance transit must be arranged in such a way, so as to take into account the speed and safety of the vehicle during long travel. Weight distribution is essential when it comes to fuel consumption and emergency braking in case the driver is faced with an unforeseen traffic emergency. Heavily loaded vans will need more time and preparation than a light goods vehicle to come to a safe halt.    


Safety Over Long Distance Travel

To the amateur with no experience of road traffic safety rules and regulations there is no such a thing as though as to how to load a heavy goods vehicle. They just want to add as much as it takes to ensure all their goods are taken away in one trip. This is an issue that removal companies are constantly having to deal with.

  • Safety and security first
  • Safe weight limits are there for a reason
  • Fuel Cost


Most customers just want to save money with little regard for anything else. The reality is all mechanical appliances have an optimum state at which they operate most efficiently. Van and man hire home moving vans are no different in the sense that they have a weight and a speed limit. Over do any of the two and you risk big danger. As an example if a vehicle is overloaded two things will happen:

  • Increase full consumption
  • Damage the engine
  • Effect its the mechanical integrity and structure

Above its recommended weight carrying capacity a vehicle will firstly not be able to drive as fast and secondly the distance required for it to come to a complete stop will increase in proportion to its load. Thirdly it is against the law and will most likely land you in serious risk of a fine and more.


Whilst it is normal to want to save on cost and time when moving home, at the same time it is important not to compromise the safety of the vehicle and the people in involved, in doing so. Safely guidelines are there for the sole purpose of practicality. This is of particular importance when it come to removals over a long distance. Thus is because of the large period of time required to travel at high speeds to reach the destination. It is important to seek some advice before packing up and setting off on such tasks.

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Man and Van – Local Moving Specialist

Since the majority of home removals occur within a short distance, most moving firms have dedicated local man and van services. Theses services are operated by experienced movers that either live in the locality or have worked in the area for long periods of time. They Can navigate the streets and narrow alleyways without any help from maps and satellite navigation systems. They can do jobs as small as moving a single box of items to the contents of an entire home. Fully equipped and ready to handle any move form A to Z. Read this article

Cheap Man and Van for Hire

Moving home should never be underestimated regardless of the distances involved. Of course moving over long distances requires more preparation and greater forward planning than say a move only around the corner, but still in its essence it has all the basic requirements expected for all moves.

Man and van service

What is great about our van and man hire removal service is the fact that they can take on any move regardless of its size. The workers have done countless moves in the area. They can dismantle and reassemble furniture, packed clothing into specialised boxes as well as the ability to hoist items too large to take out through the normal routes of entrance and exit in a building. This means they can manage pianos, sofas and other bulky goods too large to carry the traditional way. The best thing about it is the fact that being local means we can pop into your property at anytime and quote you on the exact costs of your relocation with us. This wouldn’t be possible if we were not so close to our customers.

We are in business because of the many happy customers that continue to recommend us to their family and friends. This is the essence of delivering a good service that gives good output put not just because it pays to do so, but rather because it is the right thing to do.

Moving difficulty

A good home move is one where the move gets done and dusted in as little time as possible and without damage to goods and property. Moving can be difficult if done in haste and in a manner lacking adequate preparation. Hands on, on the job experience and having the right tools for the job can make a world of difference to efficiency and quality of work done.  Man and van service are known for their efficiency and cost effectiveness. Moving home should not be a cause of worry and headache. Call us now and get your free discounted quote with lots of good preparation advice.

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Packing and Unpacking Service

Professional moving company

Lets face it, we can all pack and unpack our own goods and personal items. So why bother to hire someone else when you can do it yourself and save a hand full of well needed bank notes, I hear you say. To this our reply is that as a professional moving company we do moving, packing, unpacking, furniture dismantling and fixing for a living, and as such we have perfected the art. And it is an art no doubt. It has its DOS and DON’T DOS about it like anything else. Not only that we have all the equipment needed to do the job A-Z to utter most perfection.

Home Movers and Packers With A Difference

Packing is a meticulous process that needs through planning and precise execution. No job should be underestimated and treated as child’s play. Just think for a second and image the chaotic and messy appearance of a house in the process of removal. If done in a haste items will be misplaced and finding a much needed item, such as your phone charger or the remote control for your TV can turn into you going through box after box because you forgot to label which box is for what.


Some of the sort list:

  1. Packing materials
  2. Label Boxes and Bags
  3. Pack Personal effects last
  4. Use appropriate packaging

Packing and the security and protection

Our way of doing things is all about organisation and order. We like to label, and do one thing at a time. It’s all about good management. The more coordination the better the outcome. Safety of all involved in the packing and the security and protection of items to be shifted are of high importance. The aim is always to ensure all items are delivered on time and in perfect condition. Packing in preparation for a long distance removal journey will require a different approach to that which involves moving locally. Time and cost are a matter that are kept an eye on throughout the process of packing and relocation. The aim is to do the job on time and at the lowest possible cost.

Packing up and moving

Packing up and moving with a view to unloading and unpacking is important so that you are able to organise the process efficiently and cost effectively. Our Team of highly trained professional men at Siddhipriya movers and Packers will do a task sheet before each packing job to ensure all are made aware of the project. Removals is a science and as such will need a clear approach to implement. Suitable packaging, safety equipment and transport will be brought to the job so that it gets carried out speedily and safely. 24/7 packing and moving solutions.

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Free Storage as Part and Parcel Of The Move

Home or property to move

Living in a busy city means that often finding a home or property to move to and live in can be difficult. The population of cities continues to grow and rental accommodation is getting  harder and harder to find. This means that whilst searching for an appropriate place to live in most people will be forced to store their household belongings into one of the many storage facilities dotting a typical modern city. We also have storage space of our won as a moving company. But what makes the difference with us is the fact that we offer our storage rooms free of charge for the first week, if you use our home moving or packing service.

Home Removals and Free Storage

Finding a good, reliable storage space without all the attached paperwork and small print is hard enough, let alone getting it at the time you want it and at a cost you can afford. Storage companies are a difficult lot. They charge a lot and have a hundred ways of squeezing you out of every rupee and dollar. With this in mind why not look into using our moving company for your storage needs.

Hire a house moving company

When moving house you will need the use of large moving vans and vehicles. And since most people do not keep a van as standard they will need to go out and hire a house moving company complete the task. And then on top of that they will Need to pay for the storage space. With us we will move your goods into our own storage facility and for the first week there will be no charge for the storage. And if you decide to stay beyond that time period, you will be charged a pay as you go rate. This it what it means to hire a company that embodies the moving trade inside out. Whatever your home and transport requirements, we have the solution that is right and affordable.

Moving package

As ever, taking out an all in one moving package, with a company that deals in the various aspects of removals and storage will end up costing less than what it would cost if you hired out individual companies to accomplish each task. We offer warehousing and storage solutions to help keep your belongings in a safe and secure environment. Well Furnished, clean and waterproof warehousing that is available nationwide. The removal company that has it all under one roof is also the one that can provide it at the most affordable rate out there.

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All In Under One Roof Removal Service

Professional Home Mover:

Moving home the professional way requires more than just your average man and van type service. Yes they can do most small jobs, but when it comes to moving the entire contents of a property or office block, or a high end company, then most small and even medium movers are simply not equipped or experienced enough to do it the professional way. Our moving company is one of only a  thousand companies to transport not only household and office furniture, but also the vehicles and heavy factory machinery. So why bother going elsewhere to complete your move and end up spending more, when with us it can all be taken care of?

When You Move, Move With Us:

Moving home is an art. Indeed is the one type of trade that involves through planning and dedicated team of strong minded removal men to execute. Just think about all the bits and pieces that need doing and organizing. Moving larger goods, such as your vehicle, cart or trailer requires that much more effort. We have a dedicated team of well versed men that will take your car and any other similar medium sized mode of transport and place it into our specially designed trailers and container trucks.


Some requirements is:

  1. All Inclusive Service
  2. Cheap and reliable
  3. Full Insurance to cover all items in Transport
  4. Safe delivery or your money back

All items will be packed up ready for save transport. Professional movers will load your vehicle into a specifically designed container and secure to ensure no movement occurs during the phase to the destination. The item will then be covered in a protective sheet and on its way it will go. Thousands of customers have used us in the past precisely because we have the capability to do any job and at any time.

Furniture Transport Requirement:

No move with any company, is complete without the company having an all-round experience and know-how of the trade. We pride ourselves on our ability to take care of any move and of any size regardless of what its nature maybe. An office move, a home move, furniture transport requirement or even the relocation of your car across a distance of involving thousands of miles, can all be accomplished with us.  It can all be done at a very reasonable rate and without a single penny of deposit. You simply pay once its all done, and by done we mean in the safest and most professional manor possible.

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